The criminals in charge of this new scam pose as the well-known brand of chocolates Cadburys. They capture victims by hiding behind the brand and using the messaging application. To achieve their goal, they say Offer 5.000 free gifts for you. Also, the forwarded message says “I already received mine.”

Filling out the survey, like so many other times, only gets victims to subscribe to a Premium SMS service that will cost money. The survey only takes three questions and five minutes to answer. Meanwhile, notices appear indicating that other people have won the prize at that time.

Once you have answered the questions, the service asks you to share the offer with 10 more people, thus spreading the scam among your contacts. If you comply with what they ask of you, the criminals will show a screen in which you must enter your phone number and your operator, thus registering, without you wanting to, in a Premium SMS service that will charge you extra charges on the line.

If you see that someone sends this message in your application, you can also warn them that it is a scam so that they stop forwarding it and cause more victims. Or to take measures in case you have fallen into the trap and have to deactivate the Premium SMS service without suffering the consequences on your telephone bill.

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