Reliable and up to date antivirus software is essential for any business but security doesn’t stop there – we offer a range of solutions including password encryption, biometric access, PCIDSS compliance and more

Security of your systems is vital and up to date antivirus software is the best place to start. Not only do viruses cause hundreds of hours of lost work time, they can also destroy all of your data. Ok, you might have a backup of your data, but as viruses are often transmitted by email, they can potentially infect your customers and you would not want to lose them.


Centurion can provide and install antivirus software appropriate for you and your organization and configure it so it is always kept up to date.


In addition we can configure firewalls to prevent unauthorized outsiders from accessing your network and implement secure technologies such as keyboards with built in smartcard readers and biometric recognition to restrict access to those who need it.


For companies processing card payments, we can make sure your systems are fully PCIDSS compliant and can provide penetration testing if required.

Not only do we look after your IT security, but we can also provide both indoor and outdoor CCTV systems including online monitoring for when your premises are unattended. Systems can be configured to alert you via email or SMS when movement is detected.

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